11 December 2012

Piano stool makeover

Back in March 2011 I blogged about some of my unfinished projects (of which there are far too many to contemplate!) and showed you my half stitched flying duck tapestry.

Well here it is again nearly 2 years later.......

Does it look exactly the same?......it sure does....Why?...because it has not left the cardboard tube it calls home since that blog post!

So it is time to take action and here is what is going to happen (in theory!).....

This is an antique piano stool that sits in the corner of my room with my dolly Sally-Anne who I have had since I was about 10 and a $1 retro cushion from the op shop. Note the cat print in the background which needs to be hung on the wall and has been sitting there since we moved in eight months ago.

Anyway I have wanted to recover the piano stool lid with a tapestry for about forever and have decided that the flying ducks are the answer.

The tapestry is quite a bit bigger than the lid so I will have to loose some bits I have already stitched.

Folding the edges under in this photo gives a good idea of what it will look like. Because the top two ducks will be decapitated (poor things!) I have decided I will just stitch over them as clouds and sky.
So looking at this photo now it makes the prospect of finishing the tapestry much less daunting...there is far less area to finish and it may just be achievable if I stick to it.
If I squint my eyes and look I think the end result is going to look stunning - this is what I have to keep in mind when I get distracted by another 20 projects that I am bound to start!
I am going to give myself until Easter to have most of it stitched...I figure this is somewhat realistic (ha ha!).....wish me luck!

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  1. this is going to look stunning when you are done. Keep up the good work.


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