26 November 2012

To market, to market and home again, home again dancing a jig

Wow, what a fantastic market, I am still exhausted!

We all thought it would be a quiet little Christmas market, being the first one and coinciding with sporting events and the A & P show, boy were we wrong....there were people lined up long before opening and queues out the door most of the day!

Here is my little stall, all quiet and looking as neat as I could manage...

And these are a couple of photos I snapped when I had a free moment...people everywhere from the moment the doors opened...1200 people in the first hour!

I had a wonderful day, meeting customers, chatting and of course selling lots of items - what a buzz!

I shared a table with the lovely Linda who does wonderful paintings and was selling cards made from her art.

We barely got to speak for the first four hours but finally got to have a chat as things finally wound down in the last hour. Linda brought the Sunday paper to read and needless to say it never left her handbag.

There was so much talent in the room and before the market opened it was lovely to wander around and see all the beautiful hand made items and chat to all the creators. I met many people from my local area who I didn't know existed so hopefully we can have a crafty get together one day soon.

Check out the Great Christmas Market facebook page to see more photos of the stalls (through the sea of people!) taken by Rachael. The couple of photos of my table show how 'trashed' it became. I gave up trying to pretty it up after about an hour. It is great that people want to pick up and touch the items, which is what handmade is all about.

There is also links to all the stallholders for those who missed seeing something in the great crush.

I have been hurriedly restocking my felt store with market items. So if you saw something at the market but can't see it listed in my store just contact me and let me know.

I have totally sold out of Gingerbread houses so tomorrow I will diving into the felt bag to start making more.

For any international buyers visiting my felt store I do post overseas just send me an email through Felt and I will get you an exact shipping price.

Now I need to go and catch up on a bit more sleep....


  1. Well done!!! So glad to hear it was a success for you. Wish I could have been there with a few $ in my pocket to spend... I am feeling very festive this year and have already decorated the whole house but there is always room for a few more ornaments :o)

    1. Wow you are doing better than me, I haven't even unearthed the Christmas decorations since we moved house. I think I better put a Christmas CD on and get into a festive mood!


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