23 October 2012

Christmas Market Part 3. Works in progess....polka dots, hoops and felt

Right so am I getting organised for this Christmas Market you ask?
Well some days I think I will finish all the projects I have planned and other days when mummyhood takes centre stage (most days) I wonder if I will turn up on the day with anything at all!

Thankfully I was so inspired when my red and white polka dot fabric ribbon arrived (and the kiddies decided to have long afternoon naps) that I got cracking.

I originally saw the idea for covering hoops with washi tape on Craftgossip. I tried using washi but I found it didn't go on all that smoothly and the colour didn't remain as intense. So I went searching and found this glorious fabric tape on TradeMe.

Once I had covered a few 4" and 6" hoops in this gorgeous red polka dot tape (sorry hubby had the camera so I couldn't take photos of this process) I had a million (well maybe 10!) ideas of what to put in the hoops and I thought I would share with you how I made one of the mushroom hoops.

I chose my backing felt and decided to make two the same. Here I have put the felt in the hoop but not tightened the top screw as I don't want to stretch the felt too much.

I lay out my pieces. As you can see I have based the design on one of my most popular needlebooks.
I pin a couple of piece on and start sewing using whip stitch. TIP: When stitching white onto to colour always put your needle down through the white. If you bring it up, spots of the underneath colour will show through.
All stitched up and ready to be framed.
I use my usual trick of double sided tape on the outside of the inside hoop and then peel off the backing. I fold the excess onto the edge of the hoop.
The sticky side of the hoop goes down onto the back of the felt. I have 'eyeballed' it to get the image centred.
Flip it over and add the outer hoop and ensure that the mushrooms are centred. Then tighten up the screw at the top as tightly as possible.
On the back carefully trim the excess felt off as close to the hoop as possible. Felt is great because it doesn't fray and therefore leaves a clean and neat finish.
Cut a felt circle to cover up the back stitching. I chose navy blue because I happen to have a lot of it to use up!

Use a small amount of fabric glue or double sided tape and attach the backing.

Add a ribbon or ric rac as I have and you are done. I just love how vibrant they are.

I am also working on some Christmas designs which I will share with you soon!

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  1. Thank you for the tutorial. procedure says not very difficult.Very nice!!!!! Love the colours used.


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