19 February 2012

Mushroom Felt Needlebook: free pattern + tutorial

Hand stitch your own mushroom needlebook!

I thought it was time for another tutorial so here goes...

Click here to find the pattern. Print it on an A4 sheet of paper, cut out pieces and trace onto card to make the pieces easier to use.

You will need:
Green, pink, red & white felt.
Green, pink, red & white embroidery floss.
Sharp scissors
Pinking shears
Embroidery needle
Fading fabric marker

Step 1

Step 1:

Cut 2 x outside in green felt with scissors.
Cut 1 x inside in pink felt with pinking shears.
Cut 1 x outside square in pink felt with pinking shears.
Cut 1 x mushroom top in red felt.
Cut 1 x mushroom stem in white felt.
Cut 1 x grass in green felt.
Cut 4 x circles in white felt - random sizes!
Step 2

Step 2:
Lay the pink inside piece on top of one of the green outside pieces and using your fading fabric pen mark the middle then pin either side of the centre.
Step 3

Step 3:
Using 3 strands of embroidery floss use a running stitch to attach the two together
Step 4
Step 4:
Using 2 strands of white floss whip stitch the dots onto the mushroom top ina random fashion!
Step 5:
Step 5:
Lay out the mushroom pieces onto the front square and pin down the white stem only.

Step 6:

Step 6:
Using 2 strands of white floss whip stitch the stem in place.
Step 7

Step 7:
Using 2 strands of respective matching floss whip stitch the remaining elements into place.
Step 8
Step 8:
Take the other outside green piece and fold in half. Position the pink front piece int the centre and pin into place.
Step 9
Step 9:
Using 3 strands of green floss use a running stitch to attach the pink felt to the green felt.

Step 10
Step 10:
Take the two completed green outside pieces and place them wrong side together.

Step 11

Step 11:
Using 3 strands of pink floss blanket stitch the back and front together.

Step 12
Step 12:
On the inside position the 2 pieces of the dome and stitch into place ensuring to only stitch through one layer of felt!

Close the dome and stick a needle in and you are done!
No more stray needles down the side of your couch anymore.


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