18 August 2011

I have a confession to make.....

I am more than slightly addicted to Trade Me....and ebay and etsy...you get the picture!

I love trawling through the listings searching for retro bargains especially old tapestry patterns.
These are a couple of recent Trade Me finds that a got for $1 each......

I love the owl pattern but my favourite page in the magazine is this one......

'Ideal for your Man's study'...hilarious!

This is another vintage find and has some great retro designs inside...

The duck and the bee inspired some quick stitching projects...

I love a good doily!!

I am saving the best purchase for last though. This one I found on etsy.....

Vintage bambi longstitch kit complete with green plastic frame - I can't wait to rip this one open and get started!

What great items have you found online lately???


  1. The floral wall hanging made me laugh out loud!

  2. I am slightly addicted to trade me, ebay, esty too! Actually particulary ebay of late!!

    I am currently awaiting some sailor moon & hello kitty fabric :)

    My favourite of you scores is the deer pattern - make sure you post pics when you finish it!



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