23 February 2011

Babushka Softie Doll Tutorial

I thought I would put together a little photo tutorial to go with my Babushka Softie Doll pattern . Sometimes it is easier to explain things visually. Here goes....
Cut out all the pieces remembering to include the notches. You of course will have ironed all your fabric first because you do things properly, as you can see I am a little slap dash (I am time poor due to a certain 10 month old!).

Machine stitch the hair onto the face following the hairline with a 3mm seam. As you can see here I have broken the rules and have actually hand stitched instead because  a) I like the to be difficult and b) I like chunky stitches!

Next add some personality with a face. I have used a fading fabric marker to draw on the details. Use 3 strands of brown embroidery floss and either back stitch or split stitch to outline the face.

Now I have the iron out (better late than never!). Give everything another little press and taking your dress piece flip it face down and iron up about 5mm of the hemline - hope you can see this clearly.
You could also zig zag or overlock before this step if you like.
Flip your dress right side up again and pin the lace or ribbon just above the fold of the hemline - making sure the piece you have just ironed is still tucked under and captured by the pins.

Stitch the lace/ribbon on.

With right sides facing up take the front piece of the body and lay the dress on top of it - aligning the notches.
Place the face on top, centred in the head and pin through the 3 layers.

Stitch around the face with a 3mm seam.

With right sides together pin the front and back of the body together.

Sew around the body with a 10mm seam leaving a 4cm gap at the side for stuffing.
I usually sew around again very close to the first seam just to give it a bit of extra strength.

Trim off excess fabric with pinking shears or cut little 'v's or slits to help create the rounded shape.

Turn your doll inside out and see how she looks!

I use a knitting needle and run it round the inside along the seam just to push all the edges out.

Stuff, stuff, stuff!! Be generous with the stuffing to help create shape but don't overstuff the head as it can start looking a little pointy!!

Sew up the gap with invisible thread or just the cotton used to sew with. I used a ladder stitch to close the gap.

Choose a piece of ribbon from your stash and tie a nice bow or knot around your dolls neck. You can leave it like this or tack it down if you prefer. I have tacked this bow down under the ribbons at the side seams and under the middle of the bow. I find spotted ribbon great as you can hide the stitches within the dots.

Now she is complete and all she needs is a name!!!

I am sure you will want to get started on another one straight away - they become addictive!!!

I would love to see your creations and  I have started a Photo Gallery page to showcase all the 'girls'.
If you would like to include a photo of your doll that would be fabulous - you can tell me her name and I am happy to include a link to your own website/blog. Email me if you are interested.


  1. This is PERFECT! I'm in love. Thanks for the tutorial :)))))

  2. CUTE..I've had making a Babushka softie on my list for almost a year...
    GOOD JOB.!!!

  3. Beautiful!I love.

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  6. This babushka plushie is super adorable! I featured this post in my blog http://www.plushiepatterns.com/babushka-softie-doll-tutorial/ Thanks for sharinG!

    1. You are welcome! Thank you for sharing it with your followers and for the link back.


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